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There are various form of shock absorbers that have been fitted to cars over the years. The main types are telescopic shock absorbers (oil or gas).
Savoy Autocentres can inspect and rectify problems with all of the above types of system.


The main problem is leaking shock absorber units. Almost all units are now sealed for life and once a leak occurs the shock absorber needs replacing and the old one needs disposing. A minor leak is often not a problem, but once a certain amount of fluid has leaked from the shock absorber then it fails to work effectively which results in poor roadholding and may fail an MOT inspection.

If you are in any doubts, please pop into to one of our Autocentres and we’ll perform a free suspension check, show you any problems, and advise the best course of action.

NB It is recommended that Shock absorbers should always be fitted in pairs.


Springs work in conjunction with shock absorbers. The only time that the need replacement is if they are really badly corroded or have already broken.

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