Air Conditioning

Is your car air conditioning performing properly? Is it working without making nasty odours?

Savoy Autocentres can examine car air-conditioning, and also recitify faults as well as servicing your air conditioning to keep it performing well.

Pop into your nearest Savoy Autocentre with your vehicle and discuss your needs with any of our friendly staff.

As well as keeping you and your passengers cool while you’re travelling, your air conditioning system also helps to filter out bacteria, pollutants, pollen etc to make the environment within your vehicle clean and healthy.

Vehicle air conditioning systems can lose their gas over time, and not function as effectively as they used to do, particularly if they’re not used often. So if your air conditioning doesn’t feel as cold as it used to do this could be the reason.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend an air conditioning recharge every two years to make sure that it’s working as efficiently as is was designed to.

There are two types of gas used in air conditioning systems.

There is the “standard” R134A gas which has been used for about twenty years on vehicles prior to around 2016. This has been found to be damaging to the ozone layer so it’s not used on newer vehicles. If your vehicle was manufactured to use R134A gas then it needed to be topped up using that gas.

There is also the R1234YF gas which is mainly fitted on vehicles from 2017 onwards (and a few prior to this date). You must only use this gas if it was installed originally on your vehicle. R1234YF gas is much more expensive than the older gas.

You can find out what gas your vehicle has by looking for a sticker in the engine compartment, or in the vehicle’s handbook. You can also call one of our branches and they’ll check for you.

At the moment only our Quick Clutch site on Albert Avenue, Hull, installs the newer gas. Quick Clutch also installs the other gas for vehicles which require it.

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Prices from £59.95, this is for standard size vehicles manufactured before 2016 using R134a gas.

Larger vehicles (e.g. 4×4, SUV, twin air con system vehicles) require more gas which makes the service more expensive. Please ask for a quote for your exact vehicle.

NB our equipment detects larger leaks during the process of the regas, but smaller leaks require a separate process at an additional charge. We cannot guarantee how long the air con regas will last as new leaks can occur at any time.

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