Bosch Vehicle Check

All Savoy Autocentres are partnered with Bosch Car Service Centres. This means that we adhere to Bosch’s very high standards all round; be it in the standards of our receptions, customer service, workshop technical equipment, standard of repair work etc.

Bosch have designed a safety check that can be used all year round, whether it’s for a pre-season check, a checkup in between services / MOT’s, or you might have bought a new vehicle that you want checking over.

The FREE Bosch Vehicle Check covers many items, e.g. Brakes, tyres, lights, washers, horns, exhaust, suspension and more. It’s not designed to replace a service, but it can give you some peace of mind, and we’ll also offer free no obligation professional advice if our checks find anything that needs attending to.

You can access the full Bosch Vehicle Safety Check document by clicking this link.

Download Bosch Vehicle Safety Check Document


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