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Savoy Autocentres supply and fit high quality exhaust systems to cars and vans. If your car is getting noisier, it may be that you have a problem, be it a rattle or a rumble, with your exhaust.

Exhaust problems are not always visible from the outside, it can be that the inside has become damaged or simply reached the end of it’s life. To check what the problem may be, just pop your vehicle along to one of our many depots and our expert exhaust technicians will examine your system and offer free advice.

If there is a problem with your car exhaust, we can often just replace the part that is affected rather than the whole system. Bear in mind though that if the rest of the system is nearing the end of it’s life it may be false economy to replace it bit by bit.

High quality systems

We want you to be satisfied with our products and services and in order to achieve this the car exhausts which we sell are top quality products with a guarantee to match.

Catalytic converters

A Catalytic converter forms part of your exhaust system. It’s function is to convert some of the toxic chemicals from your engine into less harmful ones before they enter the environment. Special metals are used to do this conversion, and they have a limit on the volume of harmful chemicals they can convert before they reach the end of their lives.

We offer testing and replacement of catalytic converters, and as part of our service we’ll dispose of your old ones in an environmentally friendly manner.

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